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've published in i don't know how many like decades. ♪ >> ma, if i concentrate hard enough i can make things move. >> one of the projects i'm really excited about right now is the new "carrie" movie which just opened in theaters. i thought, is this something we need to tell again? and the truth is, when i went back to the novel and reread the novel, it seemed so, almost prescient in terms of things like violence in schools. in terms of bullying. in terms of cyber bullying. and it's one of these stories that i think kind of almost every generation has or needs its own version of the "carrie" story. and it did feel like there were ways to update in that kind of very organic fashion. putting in stuff like social media. putting in stuff about religious fanaticism. that felt like it could enrich the story as opposed to, we're just forcing this stuff upon the story. >> go to your closet. >> no. no. get off me. momma. >> come on. >> no. no. >> you pray little girl. pray for forgiveness. >> mommy, let me go. let me out. mom! mom! mom! god you suck! ♪ >> i think that teenagers and horror go togethe
. >> if it's a shorter flight, sometimes they don't have that. >> the good way he answered it, listen, the person on the aisle own the aisle? can they control who goes into >> i assumed if i sat next to the window, i got to close it if the sun was bright in and i got to raise it. what confused me, if i'm in a window seat and the person in front of me is in a window seat, sometimes there's a window in between. you don't know if you can sneak up. >> you go, that's mine. >> they have their own window. that's the one in between. look, i think you should ask, but i have always controlled it when i sat at the window seat. i don't even like the window seat. i like the aisle. >> i like the window seat until it's then to go potty and there's someone next to you sound asleep. >> what do you do? >> i try so hard. >> get over? >> depends. >> who it is. >> i either take my time and enjoy it -- >> always awkward. >> yeah, no, i don't tap them. i try to get gingerly over. then, in order to do that, you have to put the weight of you on the back seat of the person in front of you. so that person's res
they're supposed to taste. i like my mother's stuffing. i don't want ice cream to taste like stuffing. i'm a purist and a traditionalist. >> we have potato chips the other day and they tasted like french toast, pringles. >> i don't like that at all. i'm happy for those of you that love it. a pack of these flavors is $65. >> we're drinking -- >> it is called stringy jack pumpkin wine. >> i'm sure a lot of people are going to like it. i'm going to tell you right now, i smelled it, i'm not going to like it. you taste it. i don't want to hurt these people. i bet they're -- >> it's not -- it's spicy. tastes like a -- >> like a cider. >> a cidery kind of wine. don't drink it. you won't like it. >> i know. i don't want to hurt these people. i bet they're lovely. >> $16 at okay. anyway. >> now something i love. >> we have been waiting for this. >> you may need this after thanksgiving. all righty then. what are they called? >> shreddies flatulence filtering underwear. why is girouard off today? i wanted girouard. [ flatulence noises ] we wanted girouard to model these for us, da
back to mom? mom and daddy. >> come here. she's like no, i don't think so. >> you've grown up, ella. >> she sure has. >> boots pumpkin head. >> they will be at the parade tomorrow and -- >> yeah. it's going to be fun. >> the weather, hoda was saying, has been really rough. at 2:00 in the morning i thought our house was going to fall in. we're on the water there and -- every flue is open. you just hear the -- >> i'm curious about the macy's thanksgiving day parade tomorrow because they are expecting some wind gusts saying 30 miles per hour. they're waiting until the last minute to find out -- >> i heard 50. >> oh. >> yeah. >> oh. >> anyway, we'll find out. they may have to -- we'll see what they do. they'll make decisions at the last minute. >> call your carrier. >> we've compiled a list, traveling today and want to know what the busy airports and rest stops. here they are. number five the fifth busiest airport today is jfk at 4:00 p.m. >> come at a quarter of. >> san francisco at 1:00 p.m. please avoid that. l.a.x. at high noon. >> yep. >> chicago o'hare at 4:00 p.m. and the atlanta
're feeling like we are, you don't want to try anything today. >> noted. bloated. >> capital "b." >> we've got a big show for you. nicolette sheridan is here to get you in the christmas spirit. >> performance by the texas tenors. >> love them and ambush make-overs because we missed everybody at the parade yesterday. hope you had a great thanksgiving. hope you enjoyed the parade. >> we have bad news for you, so you might as well brace yourself as you're sitting there scratching your belly because the average american, just so you know, consumed yesterday 4,500 calories. >> is that like four days' worth of food basically? >> about. about. 3,000 on your turkey dinner, 1500 calories on snacks and drinks. >> that's the only way that saves me. i love that meal so much, i don't snack on anything. >> you don't? >> huh-uh. because then you don't have your appetite for all the good stuff. >> you are right. here's a question, when you go to someone's home for thanksgiving, do you ask for leftovers? do you say hey. >> hey. >> i'm leaving. >> going to eat that? >> taking that turkey? >> going to finish tha
the last -- few things from the last thanksgiving. don't act like it's not in your fridge too sometimes. >> are you kid -- >> little -- not like -- not like food in containers. >> is there some turkey in there, 1-year-old turkey. >> we bought some other stuff, sauces. oh, that must have been from -- and i opened up the spice cabinet. >> yeah. >> lots of stuff is there. i was like, what -- not just spices but crackers that were opened from god knows when. >> you put your shoes in there, don't you? you use your kitchen for other things like boib thomas does. >> when they come i clean. >> that's good. >> wow, my apartment looks awesome. >> can you imagine how horrible holidays would be if you couldn't stand your family? >> oh, god. >> that's the case for a lot of people. >> yeah. yeah. >> couldn't stand them. >> i know. you know what, this is interesting. you brought up something interesting about how sometimes kids and their parents get separated when they're having a meal together. >> right. yeah. after church on sunday we went to a little restaurant that we love. it's actually the resta
, she's planning 30% sale. don't expect door busters. >> big box stores can go deep, deep discount. the thing is, maybe their mark up is higher. we can't. our mark up is not that high. >> a little bit in that section there. >> reporter: her customers get it and support it. >> i would rather help the local places trying to do something different and trying to have a different vibe. >> it's a marketing technique, of course. also, it's nice to be able to go to streets like this where there's cute shops. >> reporter: coming up, all new tonight at 6:00, i'm going to show you how much of a community effort small business saturday is. reporting live in oldtown alexandria, david culver, news 4. >> thank you, if you are planning on shopping oldtown, getting around is easier than usual. the trolley started running at 6:00 this morning to get from the king street metro station to oldtown to shop. the trolley will run every 15 minutes and go to 10:15 tonight and it's free. >>> we are following a developing story in montgomery county. water services should be back up and running for customers i
>>> temperatures in the 20s. it is bone-chilling cold outside. don't expect to warm up much today. >>> you will feel it as soon as you step outside. it's not just the temps. that wind is making it feel a lot colder than it really is. get ready to bundle up. it will be a fun ride, folks. i'm angie goff. thanks for joining us today. >>> i'm richard jordan. we are not used to these kind of cold temperatures. but our forecast team has been expecting this. and it is here. >>> lake-effect snow? pennsylvania created slick roads and contributed to a number of accidents. many roads had to actually be shut down. >>> a little snow spotted here overnight, too. let's check in with meteorologist chuck bell. >> we were chitchatting before the show and both saw conversationial snow flakes around the area last night. it's indicative of how much cold air has arrived and it's here to stay, everybody. temperatures not just into the upper 20s, but low 20s. the wind, oh, is it windy outside. winds are gusting to around 30 miles an hour across the region. close to a 40-mile-per-hour gust at andrews air
someone needs a service and you don't have it available. >> julie kerry, news 4. >>> more than a year ago, internal auditors flag a number of problems in virginia's system for handling the mentally ill. the news 4 i-team looked over documents that reveal real concern that virginia was turning away too many patients and didn't have enough room in the psychiatric facilities. >> yeah, jim. 72 patients all at risk at posing serious harm to themselves were released before they were supposed to. 72 patients over a three-month span in late 2011. this internal audit says a lack of available space is one of the reasons. it's a warning to us that the system has yet to create sufficient capacity to serve our neighbors. the young man had shown signs of mental illness and was turned away from a nearby hospital because it didn't have a psychiatric bed for him. the audit revealed 100 fewer psychiatric beds in virginia last year than there were in 2007, even though the state's population has increased dramatically. a new report will show improvements have been made saying nearly all people do find a bed
support. but when you don't know where your husband of 56 years is, you don't know his health, you don't know when he will be home with us, it's not an easy situation. >> reporter: today, a state department official said the swedish embassy in north korea which handles issues dealing with u.s. citizens was granted access to newman. meanwhile another u.s. citizen, kenneth bay, has been detained in north korea for more than a year. today in a statement the white house said it was deep thely concerned about the welfare of both men and urged their releases. joe fryer, nbc news, los angeles. >>> for many people this this country, today the weekend meant another chance to hunt for holiday bargains as the first numbers were released from black friday which retailers consider the most important day of the year. nbc's kristen dahlgren is watching from here in new york for us. good evening. >> reporter: good evening, lester. big changes to tell you about. we just got the numbers in. what we are seeing is really the end of black friday as a behemoth shopping day. not because retailers are struggl
this historic shiite-sunni split with iran and don't trust them and threatening to go nuclear themselves, the saudis have, if iran does proceed with its nuclear program, the nuclear program that iran says is peaceful but the saudis and israelis say it is not. it's not only israel, but israel is, of kourcourse, the most powl ally and the strongest political power here in united states there are many, many democrats and republicans, key senate leaders in both parties who are very strongly against this. they are going to be creating quite a fuss. the american people signaled in all of the polling on the syria potential of attack back on labor day that the american public does not want military action. without military action to stop iran's nuclear program diplomacy, the white house would argue is the only solution. >> andrea mitchell this morning, thank you. >>> now to developments in afghanistan. big story overseas involving the future of american men and women in uniform. a group of elders in afghanistan has approved a deal that could keep u.s. troops there for another decade. chief forei
, there is none. third and seven. >> cris: i know we don't see peyton manning run the football very often, but he had as much space as he wanted going around that edge. i just don't think it ever quite crossed his mind, trying to get the ball down into dreessen. there was nobody there. that was a free first down for him. time-out will be taken here by the denver broncos. >> cris: well, some of the best throws we've seen all night from peyton manning. he is razor sharp here on that one, just outside of aqib talib's arms. comes right back to jacob tamme. you can't be much better covered than that. and he's going to need one more. i think this is probably four-down territory down here, don't you? >> al: i do too. yeah, new england took that time-out defensively. belichick actually called it from the sideline before manning came up on a third down and seven. just to make sure they were totally set in the situation. of course every third down in a game like this at this point in the game is huge. manning comes up to the line. totally agree on a four-down situation here, cris. third down and seven. >>
from i-90 up in buffalo where they don't scare easily in winter. so the traffic is moving along, but we talk about the northern reaches of this storm. they're expecting 8 to 12 inches of snow before it's all over. tonight meteorologist janice huff has been kind enough to join us to look at where this is going and what's in store. janice, i understand the winds on the back end are going to make for kind of a second wave of flight problems. >> exactly. and that's going to come behind this system. the winds ahead of this system may gust up to 60 miles an hour in the northeast along the coastline. wind, rain, snow and now even the potential for tornadoes from myrtle beach down to jacksonville and from tallahassee to tampa, florida, tonight, causing delays up and down the eastern seaboard. so our computer forecast model will track it through tonight. mainly rain from new york city down to washington, d.c. on the back edge is that snow band you spoke about that will produce anywhere from 8 to 12 inches maybe up to 18 inches of snow across portions of lake ontario. here it is 6:00 a.m. wednesd
is not hanging photos of her five kids on the walls. >> i don't think i'm going to stay. so i don't want to keep my kids here with me in that format. i don't want them in here with me. >> you don't want their faces in this cell? >> no. >> adams is a recovering drug addict did and said her first term in jail was drug related. correctional official space there has been a new spike in women inmates in need of substance abuse counseling. many of the women getting at least nine hours of treatment each week. including a so-called sister support group. ginger carter remembers her first day go through kind of li a -- you go lou depression and mood changes and anxiety. >> u.s. justice department rrds reviewed by the news4i-team shows montgomery county is not alone with women inmates in local jails has jumped. the percentage of women during that period surging, too. the american civil liberties union said stiffer drug sentencing laws led to this surge in women inmates. >> women don't commit very many violent offenses p. their numbers in prison were small. when the drug war expanded all of a sudden there w
really don't even wear anymore. as angie goss shows us, it is easier to clear the clutter and make some dough. >> cleaning out that closet. >> so much to go lou. >> a task most women dread. new secondhand shopping sites and apps are making it beautifully easy. and people like maria gonzalez are making serious cash. >> you can just take a picture, snap. it is on the site and people buy it from you. >> gonzalez says she made up to $500 in one week selling her old clothes, using this mobile app. it is a cross between instagram and ebay and lets users shop each other's closets. you set your own price. when something you post sells, print out a mailing label and ship it for free. in tend you pocket 80%. local con silent shops are taking note and moving into this online phase for an industry that's known for the traditional drop job. like this one in northwest are now making it's easier to consign any time. if you go to our consigner page, it tells you all about how to consign your items. >> carmen lopez, owner of the current boutique, just launched a website that lets you mail in your clothe
. i don't know if i will be on time. >> reporter: icy rain and high winds lit up the misery map today. new york, d.c., atlanta, chicago. the most affected airports. on my flight from pittsburgh to d.c., the wind made for a very bumpy ride. back into washington is when the turbulence picked up. >> the aircraft is leaving on time. >> reporter: on the ground jetblue's command center, it was mostly smooth sailing for their flights in the nation's most congested air space. >> this geography is challenging whether it's new york, boston, into washington. this area is some of the most challenging to operate in. >> reporter: heavy snow fell in upstate new york leading to power outages in rochester. more snow in western michigan. but beautiful today out west in denver and san diego. while back at the pittsburgh airport, chad ott returned from a florida business trip. >> i was able to get an early flight out. i'm just happy to be home. >> reporter: just in time for thanksgiving. a little bit of good news if you're driving, gas prices are down 49 cents from the peak this year, down to $3.28 on av
church in largo. the washington post reports reid's family wants to bury her in ohio but they don't have the money to move her body. they set up a fund for donations at bank of america. police arrested michael coleman in the case. he's charged with her murder. >>> we're learning more about the accident that killed the woman before her 41st wedding anniversary. she just recovered from a six month battle with cancer when she went on a short walk and never came back. >> she's the most giving person ever. >> bill oakley breaks down in tears wishing his best friend sally ann was alive to celebrate their wedding anniversary thanksgiving week. >> 41 years. >> 41. >> monday. >> the 59-year-old mother of two was killed while crossing at montgomery avenue last weekend in woodbridge, virginia. suddenly 24-year-old amanda styles mays crashed into her near this memorial at the intersection. >> one of her favorite things to do was to walk over across that street to the gas station. >>> sally an outlasted a battle with cancer and recently survived a motorcycle crash. they belong to the rolling thunder
babysitter was there and her boyfriend scott. >> i grabbed her shoulders and i stopped her and i said don't touch anything. >> the glass door was smeared with blood. >> somebody said oh, my god, there's nick. >> i said get out of here, go down the street. she said what are you going to do? i said i'm going to get that boy out of there. i'm not leaving without that boy. >> scott grabbed an ax for protection and then dropped it when he realized how desperately nick needed help. >> i slapped him a few times and nothing happened. so i started screaming at him and started smacking him harder and telling him he wasn't going to die today a. and all of a sudden, he sat up. he squeezed nick tightly against his chest. trying to stop the bleeding. >> he said call 911, call 911. >> lottie was at work when she got a frantic call from her daughter. >> she was hysterical. she was screaming that nick was hurt. i drove home as fast as i could. >> lottie didn't see carmen either, but when police officers arrived at the scene, they made a grizzly discovery. the flight attendant and devoted mother was dead.
stores are trying to grab their share. but it may not work. >> you don't have more relatives or more people on your holiday list just because there are more hours or more days to the sale period. >> reporter: some stores aren't joining in including nordstrom, costco, marshall's, one new york area chain is boasting about it. >> at pc richard an son we believe thanksgiving should be spent at home. >> reporter: a face book petition urging people not to shop on thoek has 6,000 likes. it is just wrong to make people work on a holiday meant for friend and families to beep together. the manager of a pizza hut in elkheart, indiana said he was fired when he refused to open today. he spoke to msnbc's ed schultz. >> it is not right. >> reporter: this morning, pizza hut corporate headquarters stepped in and he was offered his job back. at k mart in chicago, joel meier had two carts of games, dolls, and toys. all to be given away to children's charities. >> how good are the deals today? >> probably, about half price. so, i bought it -- get, twice as many toys for the kids. >> reporter: analysts s
of her girlfriends brought her up here. i don't know, these young guys think they can do whatever they want to do. i don't know, you know, this is really crazy. they just do what they want to do. >> reporter: the woman's uncle says his niece told him they drove her home afterward. family members later took her to the hospital. obviously, this is early in the investigation. no charges have been filed or arrests made. live in northwest, jackie bensen, news 4. >> thanks, jackie. >>> republicans in florida are calling for one of their own to resign. a spokesman says right now congressman's priorities are to finish rehab. he represents the ft. myers area and pleaded guilty to cocaine after a federal sting operation. many groups in florida are calling for him to step down. >>> eight spas are shut down after alleged illegal activity inside. investigators say they got complaints and saw suspicious ads online for different spas in gaithersburg, rockville, damascus. they are charged with license and permit violations. their investigation was prompted by the previous shutdown of six others t
. retail stores all over the area are open now. they don't wait for black friday anymore. this holiday has become officially a big day for retailers, has been for some time now. shomari stone is in fairfax where the doors of a big box store opened up. what's going on there? >> well, live television at its best. these folks are coming in now, as we speak. here they go. they have been waiting in line, bundled up like burritos. look at these folks. they are waming up as we speak. they are getting their carts. i'm at best buy in fair lakes shopping center. they are excited to get in here and get good deals. many of them tell me, this is what thanksgiving has become. they say they are here to buy gifts for their families and friends and for christmas time. just an hour ago, toys "r" us opened. let's roll video for you all on that. they opened in additionwide an hour ago. these folks rushed in to get the black friday deals. this year, they are getting a head start opening up at 5:00, three hours earlier, compared to last year. a lot of these folks are burning off the calories they gained eating
was starting to dance, starting to throw his head. i said i don't know what is wrong with this horse but i am in big trouble. >> he said he did everything to control the horse. he said there was an upside to the wildness, no one tried to crowd the procession. as you heard people were in shock then, as well. >> i feel like i missed out on that whole thing, the whole camelot, the ora of it. it wasn't our generation's thing. that is why i like today because i learn. >> and seeing images i have never seen before so it >>> switching gears to amazing surveillance video to sunday's violent storms in the midwest. keep an eye on the wood frame house across the street. the video shows the tornado blowing it away in a matter of seconds. officials believe a total of 1,500 homes were lost in one day's worth of violent weather across from 12 states. for more on the weather bill karins is here. the power of a tornado never ceases to amaze me. >> how strong of a tornado to make the house be gone. the blue car drives up and turns around and barely gets out of the way of the twister. >>> we have a lot of activ
businesses are the first ones to fall out. we don't have the deep pocketbooks that some of the big companies have. >> coming up at 5:00, david culver will be live in oldtown for more on tomorrow's big effort. >>> alexandria is offering you a cheap and easy way to get to your favorite stores. the trolley started running to get you there to shop. the trolley will run every 15 minutes until 10:15 tonight and is absolutely froo free. lots of stores are offering discounts up to 30% right now. >>> the washington suburban sanitary commission is hoping to have the water back up and runninging in rockville. over the scene earlier, you can see the huge mess it made of that road. this is south lawn lane. we are told the break impacted 44 customers including the animal shelter. no word on what caused the break. >>> police say a maryland woman fought off an attempted sexual assault this morning. she was just about to take the trash out. this is before 2:00 on possum court in capital heights. that's when a man hit her, knocked her to the ground, she managed to get away after a brief struggle. police broug
season could be make or break. >> small businesses are the first ones to fall out. we don't have the deep pockets. >> we do more than half of our business in the last three months of the year, american express created small business saturday years ago. many include a free item with purchase. >>> right now, the rush to return home after the holidays. the extra resources we're going to see today to help calm the crowds at airports in our region. >>> the plane crash in alaska, the new information about those that were on board. >> plus a new invention for toronto's mayor. now we're learning he has plans for a talk show. >> we just posted new video also of the police chopper that crashed into a crowded pub in scotland. we'll be updating this breaking news >>> metro is making it a little easier for you to get around today because of the long holiday weekend. the transit agency is taking some what of a break from all the track work. all stations are open but today only orange trains run only every 20 minutes because of silver line construction. and metro is also trying to make things easier for
i said, warmer tomorrow. so maybe you put off hanging up the holiday decorations. tomorrow i don't think will be too bad. not only will we be warmer but we'll have more sunshine, as well. right now at 38 in washington. the high in the district today was 39 degrees. 34 in gaithersburg, freezing for those of you in manassas. low temperatures by the water and inside of the beltway will be in the low 30s. the suburbs though will be in the local 20s. a high temperature tomorrow of 47 degrees and for the most part, starting tomorrow, our temperatures only go up. i'll be taking a look at the next seven days in just over ten minutes. >> seese you then. >>> more than 30 people reply displaced tonight after a two-alarm apartment fire. fire started at a community on cherry hill road in beltsville just before 4:00 this afternoon. prince george's county fire department says the flames spread to multiple floors but no one was injured. we don't know yet what caused this fire or when tenants will be allowed to return home. >>> well, the clock is ticking to fix the affordable care act website. an
the troops here don't do much anymore is head out and chase down their attackers. >> would we want to? maybe. that's not our mission. >> reporter: this is supposed to be a training mission now. but evidently nobody has told the enemy. richard engel, nbc news, fire base torcom, afghanistan. >>> a developing story from overseas tonight. reports from scotland say a helicopter crashed on the roof of a pub in glasgow. they said it was a police helicopter, that there were multiple injuries and some people in the pub were trapped. witnesses described it as a horrible scene. >>> still ahead, a growing mystery on the west coast. what's killing starfish on the pacific coast. later, was it cheating, bad acting or both? read the lips of an nba coach to see what you think. ♪ [ male announcer ] for a love that never fades over any amount of time, there's iams. with 50% more animal protein than other leading brands... help keep his body as strong as his love. iams. keep love strong. there's new iams woof delights. some wet food has gluten and artificial flavors. iams has real meat and eggs in our t
a 30% sell but don't expect door busters. >> big box stores can go deep discount but maybe their mark up is higher than hours. our mark up is not that high. >> a little bit in the section overhere. >> reporter: her customers get it and support it. >> i always try to help the local places trying to do something dirgelt and trying to have a different vibe than the places that don't need my help. >> it's a marketing technique but it's also nice to be able to go to streets like this and support people other than the huge box stores. >>> american express first created small business saturday just a few years ago. experts say about two -thirds of small businesses will offer a discount. many could include a free item with purchase. >>> the rush to return home after the holiday. the extra resources to help calm the crowds at airports in our region. >>> out of alaska, rescue crews are on the scene of a plane crash. new information about those on board. >>>s through a new venture for toronto's mayor. we're learning about his plans for a new talk show. >> it is small business saturday. we just t
who don't know what happened to them have started to gather here at the site. i just spoken to one man who believes his father has died inside. he is still waiting for news. at the moment, of course, the investigation will start and throughout the course of today but we want to try to get more information and make sure those still entrapped inside can be rescued. >> that is priority number one at this point. debbie edward, thank you. >> i was reading accounts of people inside the dust came from the ceiling and didn't realize what was happening and making jokes about maybe the band is rocking the house and then the ceiling came down. >> an awful scene. >>> andrea canning has more of other stories we are following today. >>> a four people killed in a plane crash near st. mary's alaska. pilot was among those killed and authorities did not give an update on the condition of the survivors. federal investigators say the single engine plane was travel from bethel to st. marys. >>> 85-year-old u.s. world veteran merrill newman whob healed captain in contrary more than a month that apologized f
know, they tried to go the double trick-a-roo. >> al: and the left-footed kick. >> cris: i don't know. not the pittsburgh steelers way, you know? sometimes you can trick yourself into things, but what a football game. i tell you, if they play 16 straight times and they wanted us to do them all, i would do them all. it's a fantastic rivalry. >> al: so nine of the last ten, if this one holds, 22-20, will be decided by three or fewer points. pittsburgh takes its final time-out. baltimore can end the game on two kneel downs. >> cris: you have to think a little bit about the pittsburgh steelers now moving forward now with the rash of injuries they've got there on that last little series. >> al: they're going to be 5-7. they have three of their last four at home. right now you have denver, new england, indy and cincinnati as the division leaders. kansas city could be the number one wild card at the moment. baltimore would be number two as this game comes to a finish. the others are in a hunt. but a huge win for the baltimore ravens and a bitter loss to the pittsburgh steelers. as they head
remember my favorite things ♪ ♪ and then i don't feel so bad ♪ and we danced all night to the best song ever ♪ >> "the best song ever" has made one direction the favorite band in the world. they meld 19 million singles and 10 million albums. the beatle-mania-like arrival in l.a. last night. [ screaming ] >> absolute chaos at lax. the pushy paparazzi, too much for zane. >> have a good one, bro. >> what was the sexiest thing a woman could wear? >> daisy dukes. >> evening a smile. >> what was your favorite subject at school? >> pe was mine. >> pe. >> music. >> music. >> look at this guy. >> what is your current favorite tv show? >> "homeland." >> yeah. the boys are watching "homeland." with "story of my life" already another hit, it's on track to sell half a million copies one week. when their third album "midnight memories" is released monday. >> what's your fondest memory of the album? >> all of them. >> thoulg their sound is a little more serious, fans should not fret. they have not lost their zany sense of humor. or their sense of smell. their first fragrance debuts in time for the h
down wisconsin avenue. they say the description of the suspects inwoeparate cases don't match. news on a second assault in thisly safe community has rattled neighbors. >> we always have to be careful and cautious. it shocks me. >> reporter: this woman is not concerned for herself, but for her daughter. >> i always tell her not to go out by herself. not to wear a ponytail. people can pull your head by your ponytail. >> reporter: one concern for police with the christmas shopping season in full swing this weekend and all these shops between chevy chase and friendship heights, there may be more opptunity for more victims. they hope to have a surveillance picture of the suspect in a few days. in the meantime they're asking anyone who may know anything about the incident to call police. reporting live, mark segraves, news 4. >>> tonight as police search for a killer, we're getting our first look at the young man who was murdered in laurel today. 23-year-old alex little jr. was shot several times on russet green west. police are questioning two witnesses. investigators don't have a motive
together. >> i like my chances of getting there. i just don't know if i'll be on time. >> several airlines are waiving the fees for travelers who have to reschedule because of weather delays. you can get weather conditions any hour of the day by going to the storm team 4 weather app. search nbc washington in the apple store or on google plus. >>> new surveillance video of a potential sex assault suspect and his victim. the attack happened at 11:00 last night in friendship heights. the video shows the woman walking down wisconsin avenue and the man following her. another camera shows the two crossing the street together. police say the woman was robbed and then raped in an alley behind a drugstore. >>> police are hoping this surveillance picture will help them solve a sex assault case in charles county at a liquor store. police believe the man in the picture raped a woman behind the store. investigators are also canvassing the area looking for witnesses. >>> tonight a family of four has been left homeless one day before thanksgiving. a fire gutted their home in upper marlboro yesterday and
minister and joins us from geneva tonight. >> reporter: good evening. nuclear negotiations just don't get any more dramatic than this. it was the end of four days of grueling negotiations. iran agreed to roll back its nuclear program. the six other nations to relax some sanctions. the negotiators were exhausted and very aware that the ambiguous wording that got them to this moment would trigger fallout. john kerry's take on the right to enrich uranium. >> this first step, let me be clear, this first step does not say that iran has a right to enrichment. no matter what interpretive comments are made, it is not in this document. >> reporter: but listen to iran's foreign minister in our exclusive interview. do you dispute that in. >> it doesn't say in so many words but it says very clearly that iran will have an enrichment program and it has a right to peaceful purposes. >> reporter: another sticking point, the heavy water plant that could someday produce plutonium for bombs. >> it is a program that is there. we will not and paneled it but it is a program that will continue. >> reporter: con
. oddsmakers don't even think they'll win tonight. the 49ers are favored by five points. >>> you don't have to brave the beltway. metro will stay open an hour later, i should say, to make sure you get home safely. you'll have to leave from the morgan boulevard station on the blue line. the last train to leave have virginia -- for virginia, i should say, leaves 12:25. to largo just after 1:30. >>> happening today on capitol hill, the long awaited people's tree will complete its more than 5,000-mile journey and be put in place on the west lawn. the tree hases been on the move since november 1 when it was cut from a national park in washington state. the spruce should arrive in washington at around 10:00 this morning. >>> rel, if the arrival isn't enough spirit, you can buy a ticket to take a ride with santa. starting at 9:00 this morning tickets for vre's santa train go on sale. the train ride with the famous toy maker will take place on december 14. if you're interested online, tickets sell for $6 or tickets at the booth are $5. fair warning this morning, though, if you want to take a ride w
block of georgia avenue. there are two adult male victims. we don't know their conditions or what happened and no word yet on suspects. our megan mcgrath is had heading to the scene and will bring us more information and a live report in a short bit. that's the latest. now back to you. >>> today in just a few hours we expect to learn more about what led to a double murder/suicide in maryland. the sheriff's office plans to release its final report today. 42-year-old barbara, ben, and their baby were found shot to death. a 5-year-old girl was able to run to a neighbor's home. she is staying with a family friend until child services decides where to place her. >>> the u.s. postal service is offering a reward up to $100,000 for information in connection with the shooting death of a postal worker. last night dozens of people turned out in cheverly for a candlelight vigil for 26-year-old tyson barnette. he was gunned down saturday night while delivering mail after dark. others have said the after dark deliveries have become an issue. those requests have been ignored. many believe his de
thanksgiving dinner together tomorrow after practice. they're very particular about what they like and don't like when it comes to turkey. >> >> baked macaroni and cheese. >> i'm going to have some macaroni and cheese and sweet potato pie. >> i go straight for that mac ncheese. the pepperjack mac n cheese. >> which is the one you avoid? >> nothing. everything. there's nothing that i don't like. there's nothing i won't eat. >> reporter: what is one dish you're avoiding? >> my wife's broccoli casserole. >> nobody on this team likes cranberry sauce. why is there cranberry sauce? >> i don't know. especially the kind that plops out of the can. i've seen cranberries and none are shaped like that. >> but hall's wife won't be so happy about what he said about her casserole. guys? >> put some cranberries on the broccoli. >> or hide it under some m mac n cheese. >> thanks, diana. >>> right now at 5:00, banana peel fraud. >> not a joke. metro is taking a false banana peel claim about an injury quite seriously, and the news 4 i-team was the first to bring the kind of bogus claims to light. >>> and the
to fall out. we don't have the deep pocketbooks the big companies have. >> reporter: all of these local shopkeepers hoping if they are open, customers will come. >> we love to support the local communities. everything is unique and special. >> reporter: are you going to be here for small business saturday? >> of course. in leesburg, virginia as well. >> reporter: the city here in alexandria making it easy tonltd. parking along king street is free. they have the trolley running every 15 minutes. that is also free. about a block from where i'm standing, they are about to light the tree. we have a camera rolling on it. we will bring it to you tonight at 11:00. >>> what started as a thanksgiving night party is now a crime scene. a man is found dead outside a local hot spot. we are live as the murder mystery unfolds in landover tonight. >>> judgment day for the health care website. th administration is aiming for tomorrow and the fallout, if they fail. >>> a young man indianapolrisks life on the >>> following a developing story, the pentagon announced late this afternoon, they will not stop
burglary. but i don't know. maybe it was. >> chief earl cook says it's still early in the investigation and leads are very important to the case right now. >> still no answers tonight about what led to a double murder-suicide frederick county. his wife was a former researcher at the university of m.d. m baltimore. the couple and their 3-month-old child, their son, were found shot and killed last night inside their home in new market, maryland. no word on who killed them. the couple's 5-year-old daughter ran next door for help. she is now with child protective services. >> police are hoping this surveillance video will help them catch the men behind a brutal beating in northwest d.c. you can see two guys kicking and hitting a person on the sidewalk. it happened along lamont street northwest last saturday. that's a few blocks from med star hospital center. there's a $10,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest in this case. >> a show of support tonight for state senator creigh deeds who was shot. medics air lifted deeds to the hospital on tuesday. police believe deeds' 24-year-o
. if you have travel plans, you don't want to miss the forecast. i want to let you know how cold things are going to be. i think the numbers are going to shock you a little bit. >> you can monitor the weather all weekend. download the storm team 4 weather app in itunes or google play. ♪ >>> his flame burns on and the nation's capitol to dallas, americans are remembering president john f. kennedy. his only surviving sibling laid a wreath at his grave as bagpipes played. the flame requested by jackie kennedy two days after the president was assassinated. >> the assassination led to deep scar on the national psyche and much of that pain centered on dallas where the president was killed. today, the city held a memorial service and took another step toward recovery. wendy rieger was at the service today and she joins us with more on what happened on this emotional day. wendy? >> reporter: well, jim, you know, dealy plaza is iconic because of what happened here 50 years ago was so sering and so horrific and has remained and lingered in the american consciousness. what happened here today wa
night, but we still don't know why he was killed. >> i feel for him. you know, it was just sad. >> reporter: residents disheartened to learn tyson barnett what was the mailman shot and killed making rounds in chefrly. he lived in upp upper marlborouogh. >> he was a mailman, see his uniform on. >> reporter: police released few details, only he was killed just before 7:30 on reed street and was on duty. many post ol workers have been complaining they fear for their safety because they have to work aft after dark in neighborhoods that are unsafe. >> pretty sure he was working overtime for the holidays. it's shocking. >> reporter: this was not barnett's normal route. it's unclear why he was here so late but not unusual for a carrier to be out until 8:00 at night. part of the problem, short staffing and late start times. >> the issue is letter couriers being out here late at night in landover in a high crime over. >> reporter: police have not released any information on a possible motive in the shooting, whether they consider the crime to be random or targeted or if it could be conn
saying, i don't have an ice scraper, and they're in trouble. this storm, though, did bring about 13 deaths to the southeast. there were four fatalities in oklahoma alone. people single car accidents driving too fast for conditions, rolled off the roads and overturned. a lot of them he not even wearing seat belts. this is packing a big punch and heading up your way. beware. >> ron blome, thank you. >>> 16 after the hour right now. we now know the name of the man found dead in fredericksburg over the weekend. he is rodney darnell benum jr. pose lease say someone shot and killed him on howard avenue in the mayfield area. they're still looking for his killer. he had an extensive police record apparently. he was supposed to stand trial next february on a drug related charge. >>> the 48-year-old man still in the hospital this morning after falling from the upper deck during the ravens/jets game in baltimore. university of maryland's shock trauma center. he reportedly hit his head and remains in the hospital with serious injuries. >>> all three young women held captive in a cleveland home
going on. the foeblgs are saying they don't mind missing sleep to get a good deal. at the tanger outlets, bargain hunters started early and there were plenty of door buster deals and mark downs and coupons. >> i have seen great deals. i went to coach and that is 50 and 10% off. 60% off. we got a great deal. that is his gift. >> i picked out my own christmas present. merry christmas to me. >> it's been a busy 14 hours at the fashion center at pentagon city. macy's and 18 other stores opened at 8:00. the rest of the mall opened at midnight. >> we got here and stayed a couple of hours and got some rest and came back. this is round two. >> it is the promise of holiday discounts that had many shoppers choosing the mall over sleep. for example, the gap is offering 50% off everything, but today only. >> it has been a lot of buy one get one free and 50% off. things that i know i need that i get sales on which is good. >> all the bags are an encouraging sign to retailers. >> people are definitely buying. we are seeing a lot of packages. it's really a good sign for us as retailers. >> to give the
, people i don't even know, who have seen the story and, you know, just want to offer their prayers. he was one of the best things that have ever happened to me. >> he spent two years active duty in the air force. his family is working with military officials to plan his funeral. >>> new road rules in the district will start on monday. d.c. isn't wasting any time in giving tickets and issuing fines. you have to park inside the white lines along the curb or face a $100 ticket. big delivery trucks won't fit in the room that's available. thee have to park on side streets or allies. also a change for food trucks, d.c. is reserving 95 mayess for food truck that is won this lottery. >>> crews are still working trying to repair a big water main break in rockville. a 12-inch main burst this morning. 34 customers have been without water for most of the day including the animal shelter. crews hope to have it repaired by doone. >> let's hope so. >> we'll see more of those with the kind of weather we're having right now. >> water that's on those roads will create some icing issues, too. heads up fo
investigators, they are worried. >> maybe not like a random burglary but i don't know. maybe it was. >> the chief says it's still early in the investigation and leads are very important to the case right now. >>> a big day for prince george's county with a major new outlet mall set to open in less than five hours, but getting to the big grand opening could be frustrating. >>> also ahead, the seats are cramped and you no longer get a meal but could peace and quiet be the next thing on the way out when you fly? the push to unlock phone restrictions on flats. >>> and this line of showers is not the only thing that will have an impact on your weekend plans. the changes throughout the day. >>> welcome back at 4:39. while you watch you tv, it could be watching you. lg electronics is investigating a claim some smart tvs bounce back personal information on home viewing habits. the allegations started after a 45-year-old british man said his tv was logging the channels he watched presumably for the company even after he turned off a tracking feature. in a statement lg said customer privacy i
don't have strong leads, yet, in this case. >>> good day and great week for wall street. here is a live look at the new york stock change. &p all up.s closing with the nd the dow up 50 points on the day. the s&p set day records. >>> right now, a royal visit happening at the white house. president obama is hosting king mohammad the sixth of morocco. the two leaders are expected to discuss a number of topics including the situation in the middle east and promoting economic development in africa. >>> first lady michelle obama took time out to honor special educators. they are the winners of national arts and humanities awards. it recognizes teachers and youth that uses art to uplift the lives of the nation's young people. each group gets $10,000. >>> ralph lauren, calvin klein, coach, some of the designers open in our area in a brand-new outlet mall. crowds of shoppers a a big deal. >>> you name dropper. is this a cougar like the post says? if not, what else could it be? >> your last chance, the deadline approaching tonight for the national zoo's new panda cub. >>> the virginia s
stabbed a man at the van necessary udc station. the platform was packed but investigators say they don't have any solid leads yet. shomari stone is in northwest d.c. now with new information just released by the police. >> reporter: that's right, jim. police released this new information 30 minutes ago. we now know that the victim is 56 years old. he did not know the suspect. this all happened during rush hour behind me here at the van station. >> reporter: this video shows paramedics wheeling a man to an awaiting victim. she was sta tonight police released surveillance images of the suspect. a woman in her 20s. metro riders like samantha lewis are concerned. >> i'm more wary of my surroundings and, i don't know, it puts me on edge a bit. >> reporter: metro transit police say they drove to the station located on the red line around 5:00. they say the woman and the man got off the train, got in an argument, and for some reason she stabbed him. police are investigating what led up to the stabbing. they will review the surveillance video. there are cameras all over the place like this one
slipped out of his hand but league officials don't buy that. multiple sources say he's going to pay a $5,000 fine. and to make matters worse, the nets lost the game. >>> there's also some controversy brewing this morning from the gridiron over a bizarre play during thanksgiving day football right here on nbc. take a look at this. baltimore ravens jacoby jones there returning a kickoff in the third quarter when it appears pittsburgh steelers head coach mike tomlin gets in the way. jones appears to try to avoid tomlin and gets tackled saving what looked to be a possible touchdown return. tomlin said after the game that he was watching the return on the jumbotron and did not realize how close he was to the field. the ravens wind up winning that one 22-20. >> and the nets' jason kidd will pay $50,000. i said $5,000. >> that's a lot to pay. yesterday a good day to stay in and watch football. it was cold out there. >> it wasn't too bad to play some touch football either. >> it wasn't that bad out there but it was certainly breezy yesterday. temperatures were runninging a good ten degrees below
now. >> reporter: prince george's un scene investigating. again, we don't know what the motive was or what happened leading up to the shooting. so far the victim's identity has not yet been released. reporting live, darcy spencer, news 4. >> information coming in right now about a multi-car crash near joint base andries and joins george's county. at least seven people were hurt in the crash branch avenue and allentown road. southbound branch avenue remains closed right now for the investigation. fire officials say many of the victims are in their teens or early 20s. four of them were thrown from their cars and seriously injured. three were flown to trauma centers. no word yet on what led to that crash e >>> the smithsonian museum of the american indian will reopen tomorrow after a man died there today. a smithsonian spokesperson says that it appears the man jumped from a fourth floor balcony into the atrium just after 4:00 today. hundred of people were inside the museum at the time. the building was evacuated, and paramedics rushed the man to an area hospital his name has not b
liked it a lot. >> i don't want to hear anything else. like you are going to spill something else. i'm going to take the kids to see frozen. >> a lot of people are frozen outside today. i'm betty nguyen and this is "early today." we hope this is just your first stop of the day on nbc. >>> ready, set, shop. the big crowds this in malls and big box stores around d.c. right now braving the black friday crowds. good morning, everyone. i'm angie goff. >> and i'm richard jurordan. aaron and eun have the day off. it is friday, november 29. a live look outside. 32 degrees on this black friday. we know prices at the store are dropping. let's see if the temperatures are, too. >> we'll check in with amelia segal in for tom. >>> temperatures right now around 30 degrees inside of the beltway. outside of the beltway, we're in the 20s. 23 in gaithersburg. 21 rate now in manassas. 27 in leesburg. so for those of you heading out early this morning to get the door bust er deals, make sure yu bundle up because the walk from the car to the store is going to be quite chilly. 7:00 a.m., we're still below
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